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About CVTS Landscape

Cumberland Valley Tree Service -Landscaping is blessed with an amazing group of multi-talented individuals. Our staff hold degrees in Forest Technology, Forest Science, Landscape Contracting, Graphic Arts, Landscape Nursery Technology, Architectural Technology, as well as, a variety of other fields.


After working for a national tree care company for over twenty years, George Pogue, Sr. with his wife, Nancy, established CVTS – Landscaping in 1978.

In 1985, upon graduation from Penn State University, son George Pogue, Jr. came on board. Son-in-law Fred Schrom joined the staff in the winter of 1989. He established the first satellite office in Carlisle, PA in 1994. The landscape division was formed in 1995.

In 1998, the Plant Health Care division was established, adding pest and disease management services for our clients.

In 2003, the landscape division added the first full-time landscape manager, as well as the first full-time landscape designer.

Cumberland Valley Tree Service and Landscaping is still a family owned and operated business, now enjoying the third generation of family arborists, horticulturists and landscape professionals.



Cumberland Valley Tree Service

It’s so comforting to deal with a professional company who not only does what it was contracted to do well but goes above and beyond. Both my husband and I were very satisfied with your job. We appreciate the dangerous work these men do.

Buff and Cindy Carlson

My yard was covered with branches both in front and to sides of my house. They were so efficient and polite and cleaned up after they completed the work in my yard and checked in with me before they moved next door. As always Cumberland Valley Tree Service came through for me. I try to recommend you to others but usually find you are who the people are already using.

Esther (Rusty) Miller

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