The Thanksgiving Tree

The First Thanksgiving Tree

The result of the Pogue’s efforts and the church’s decorating was a shrine to gratitude that stood just over 20 turkeys tall: the church’s first Thanksgiving Tree

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Top Tree Care Companies

CVTS-L Ranks Among Top Tree Care Companies

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, Chambersburg’s Authority in Tree Care, Plant Health Care and Landscaping services, was ranked among the Top 20 accredited tree care companies by the Tree Care Industry Association. 

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‘Say Trees!’ – Introducing the Next Generation of Arborists to the Exciting World of Trees

The experience was another example of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping’s commitment to educating our community about trees. While it’s more common to find us teaching customers about the trees on their property or training our arborists how to perform their work safely and effectively, we will never turn down an opportunity to talk about trees with an eager audience.

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Lion-Tail Pruning: Not Worth the Risk

Generally, the aim of our blog is to provide you with two resources: 1. Education to help you understand why your plants do what they do. 2. Best-practices that you can use right now to be proactive with the health and maintenance of your trees and shrubs. However, we also need to issue warnings about

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Incorporating Native Plants into Your Landscape Design Successfully

The dominant landscaping trend at the moment is a significant push towards relying exclusively on “native” plants that are allowed to grow as they would in the wild. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, native plants are visually and environmentally superior to the alternative. The ASLA adds that they offer increased hardiness and

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TCIA Recognition and a Culture of Safety

The Tree Care Industry Association serves about 2,400 tree care companies.  TCIA, established in 1938, is a third-party trade association that develops and maintains safety programs, standards of operation and continuing-education certifications at the national level.  Cumberland Valley Tree Service and Landscaping became the first TCIA Accredited Tree Care company in the area and has

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Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

The weather is starting to warm up and do-it-yourselfers are getting ready to mulch, prune, and plant trees.  As the “Authority in Landscaping and Tree Health”, we wanted to provide useful information on not only creating but maintaining a happy, healthy and beautiful landscape.  Avoid Volcano Mulching Your trees require oxygen, water, sunlight, and nutrients

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Landscape Strategy: Will Your Property Be Ready When You Are?

For a recent project, CVTS-L’s Landscaping division took painstaking steps to perfectly accentuate and accommodate a house on a property. Our landscape strategy accounted for how the house will look from the road, and we accounted for how the road will look when it is viewed from inside the house. We planted trees along the

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Women in Tree Care

Working Within the Canopy: TCIA’s Initiatives for Women in Tree Care

According to the Tree Care Industry Association’s (TCIA) website: “While the tree care industry is predominantly male, the gender dynamic is changing.” They credit the shift to advances in equipment and techniques that have made arboriculture an accessible career path for everyone. As a company that believes in working smarter, not harder, Cumberland Valley Tree

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Plant Health Care Division

Eight Things You Probably Didn’t Know About CVTS-L’s Plant Health Care Division (Everything from the History to How You Can Enjoy Them)

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping’s Plant Health Care Division tends to be one of the “quieter” areas within the company – at least in terms of our online presence. Tree care and landscaping both lend themselves to easily shareable, social media-ready pictures. Plant Health Care stories often require more context, and when we do

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CVTS-L’s Aaron Feather Talks About the Importance of a Good Anchor in “TCI Magazine”

Aaron Feather, Safety and Training Director here at Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, has published an article in the August edition of “TCI Magazine” that informs (and reminds) arborists about the importance of proper base anchoring in stationary rope systems (SRS). “TCI Magazine” is the official publication of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA),

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