Learning the Ropes

Written by Dave Poe – Adams County Branch Manager During the 26 years I have been working for Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, I have been impressed with the support, encouragement, and importance the owners and management team have placed on the professional development of their employees. I have also been able to witness […]

Beyond the Estimate: Unearthing the Value Most Lower Bids Neglect

white company truck

The allure of a lower estimate from a tree service company can often overshadow key components that comprise a comprehensive service. This includes wide-ranging insurance coverage, seasoned experience, specialized equipment, robust safety training, and meticulous cleanup. Let’s unpack these aspects to give you a clearer understanding. The Assurance of Insurance Professionalism in the tree service […]

Aaron Feather discusses the importance of aerial rescue training in TCI Magazine

Man climbing up tree

In December, CVTS-L’s Safety and Training Director Aaron Feather published an article in TCI Magazine discussing the costs and benefits of including aerial rescue in a tree care company’s training regimen. The magazine is an industry trade journal, and the content of the article was written with industry professionals in mind. We felt, however, that […]

Working Within the Canopy: TCIA’s Initiatives for Women in Tree Care

Women in Tree Care

According to the Tree Care Industry Association’s (TCIA) website: “While the tree care industry is predominantly male, the gender dynamic is changing.” They credit the shift to advances in equipment and techniques that have made arboriculture an accessible career path for everyone. As a company that believes in working smarter, not harder, Cumberland Valley Tree […]

CVTS-L’s Aaron Feather Talks About the Importance of a Good Anchor in “TCI Magazine”

Aaron Feather, Safety and Training Director here at Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, has published an article in the August edition of “TCI Magazine” that informs (and reminds) arborists about the importance of proper base anchoring in stationary rope systems (SRS). “TCI Magazine” is the official publication of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), […]

Fall Trees: Why Autumn is an Ideal Time for Planting

We love trees all year long, but something magical about fall trees. Leaves that had been green since spring transition to fiery reds, warm oranges and bright yellows. They flutter to the ground, crunch under our shoes and perfume the air (seriously – they’ve inspired multiple scented candles). If you have trees on your property, you […]

Stump Grinding: Getting to the Roots of the Problem

Stump grinding

When we talk about tree care and tree removals (as we often do at CVTS-L), we generally talk about the higher branches that require aerial lift trucks or manually climbing through the canopy, or we talk about the precision and safety that is required when pruning or removing trees. Today we want to talk about […]