If You Can Only Do One Thing for Your Property This Season, Make It Outdoor Landscape Lighting

outdoor landscaping with lights and a firepit

Nothing transforms a landscape design as quickly and effectively as outdoor landscape lighting. It’s a powerful tool in the landscape designer’s toolkit because it plays up your property’s strengths while downplaying any weaknesses (i.e., the areas you would rather people not see). When deployed effectively, proper outdoor landscape lighting: Whether you are starting a new […]

What is a “Low Maintenance Landscape”

Written by Brent Lucas – Landscape Manager The “low maintenance landscape” is a request that we receive frequently. There are many considerations when designing a low maintenance landscape for a client. Our approach to the design process has always been very systematic and begins with a comprehensive discussion with our client as to what they […]

Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

mulching on the side of concrete sidewalk

The weather is starting to warm up and do-it-yourselfers are getting ready to mulch, prune, and plant trees.  As the “Authority in Landscaping and Tree Health”, we wanted to provide useful information on not only creating but maintaining a happy, healthy and beautiful landscape.  Avoid Volcano Mulching Your trees require oxygen, water, sunlight, and nutrients […]

Landscape Strategy: Will Your Property Be Ready When You Are?

Barn with mulching on the side

For a recent project, CVTS-L’s Landscaping division took painstaking steps to perfectly accentuate and accommodate a house on a property. Our landscape strategy accounted for how the house will look from the road, and we accounted for how the road will look when it is viewed from inside the house. We planted trees along the […]

Winter is Coming: Winterizing Your Trees, Plants and Landscapes in Fall

Spring gets a lot of attention when it comes to tree care, landscaping and the health of our plants, but there are also critical steps that should be taken during the fall and winter months when “winterizing” your property. These actions will ensure the strength and integrity of your trees against winter’s wind, snow and […]

Fall Trees: Why Autumn is an Ideal Time for Planting

We love trees all year long, but something magical about fall trees. Leaves that had been green since spring transition to fiery reds, warm oranges and bright yellows. They flutter to the ground, crunch under our shoes and perfume the air (seriously – they’ve inspired multiple scented candles). If you have trees on your property, you […]

Adding a Raingarden: An Appealing and Practical Solution to Excess Water

A raingarden is a creative way to turn excess water on your property into a visually appealing landscape design that can filtrate pollutants and attract butterflies and wildlife. Whether the wet spots are caused by: Excessive rainfall (the past few years have been some of the wettest on record in our region), Low points and […]

CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine

Pine Needles

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine Specimen evergreen shrub Irregular growth habit Long, stiff needles Dark green foliage If you plant ten different Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine shrubs, you will end up with ten very different shrubs. Unique and individualistic, the Thunderhead’s shape will be determined by a number of variables including sun exposure and branch development. It’s […]

CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Winter Red Winterberry Holly

winter red berries closeup

Winter Red Winterberry Holly Deciduous shrub Thrives in wet soils but can tolerate dry sites Brilliant red berries in fall and into winter Needs male pollinator nearby for berry production While, the Witch Hazel might be the first to bloom and the Little Rocket Ligularia can get stretch into the fall, the Winter Red Winterberry […]