The Landscape Design Process Part 3: Implementation

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From time-to-time, when a landscaping project reaches the implementation phase, a homeowner will ask: “Can you do this? It’s pretty far out of the box, and I don’t really see anybody else doing it.” Assuming we can wrap our heads around it, we can find a way to do it. If we iron out the […]

The Landscape Design Process Part 2: Design

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Clear planning and accurate design elements are critical to ensuring that landscape design projects of any size go as smoothly as possible while avoiding costly changes after construction has started. At Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, our four on-staff designers create and present concepts to clients as either hand-drawn 2-D drawings or as 3-D […]

The Landscape Design Process Part 1: Consultation

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We understand that starting a landscaping project can be an overwhelming prospect. After all, modern landscaping can include anything from flower beds to an outdoor kitchen. You don’t have to have all – or even any – of the answers when you begin the process, but it is important to have a clear vision of […]

Incorporating Natural Elements into Design

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Incorporating Natural Elements into Design With each year, we see a greater demand for the use of natural materials in our landscape designs.  Man-made pavers, wall block, and steps are being replaced with flagstone, bluestone, boulders, and natural stone slabs.  These natural elements allow the new landscape to better fit with surrounding features, such as […]

The Difference between Arboriculture and Horticulture

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When someone says the word “landscaping” what do you think of? Beautiful trees, flowers, and plants of all shapes and sizes? Do you ever consider the different jobs that come with landscaping? A person with a green thumb who enjoys working outdoors might appreciate a job as an arborist or a horticulturist. Both jobs involve […]

Should I Get my Trees Trimmed?

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Trees create a beautiful atmosphere outside of any home. Having trees allows opportunities for lounging in the shade, a place to build a tree house, and much more. As important as trees can be to your property, taking care of them is an even more important step in maintaining their health and your property. Trees are […]

2016’s Big Landscaping Trends

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Every year, we help many people make their backyards fun and trendy through landscaping. Here are some of the trends we’re seeing in 2016: Natural Materials Disguising your residential landscape to look like a natural one is becoming pretty popular. Our clients are using materials such as boulders and river stone for their patios and […]

How to Start Your Dream Landscaping Project in 4 Simple Steps:

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Spring is finally here! You’ve spent all winter planning for that new patio you want to build or the pond you want to install, and now the sun is out long enough that you can put those plans to action. Here are four simple steps you can take to bring your dream landscaping project to […]