The Insider’s Perspective: A Year of Growth in Plant Health Care

man spraying liquid on bushes

When Chris Clouser first joined the ranks of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, he was ripe with anticipation to delve deep into the intricacies of tree and shrub maintenance. Little did he know, it would be his time with the Plant Health Care division that would fundamentally change his outlook on the profession. Holistic […]

Plant Health: Orange Striped Oakworm

Plant Health Care can be a complex matter. Our forests, yards, and streets are filled with a rich diversity of tree species, each with their own unique needs and potential threats. For the stately oak, a common adversary is the orange-striped oakworm. Though small, this caterpillar can significantly impact the health and vitality of oak […]

Plant Health: Powdery Mildew

When you step outside to admire your landscape, it’s the vibrant greens, the striking blooms, and the well-groomed shrubs that ideally draw your eye. But what happens when these sights are marred by an unwelcome, powdery intruder? Powdery mildew, as this intruder is known, has the potential to alter the appearance and health of your […]

Beech Leaf Disease

Beech Leaf Disease

Written by Jamey Schwartz – Plant Health Care Manager There is a new disease to the North East that is causing mortality to beech trees. Beech Leaf Disease (BLD) originated in Ohio near Lake Erie in 2012 and has now spread to most counties in Pennsylvania. The disease is spread by root graft, rain splash, […]

Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly

Written by Jamey Schwartz- Plant Health Care Manager With Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) being present in our service area for several years now, we are gaining a better understanding on what client’s expectations should be. SLF adults feed on a wide variety of trees, but are particularly attracted to ailanthus “Tree-of-Heaven” and mapletrees. SLF’s lifecycle consists […]

Lion-Tail Pruning: Not Worth the Risk

larger tree with wide branches

Generally, the aim of our blog is to provide you with two resources: 1. Education to help you understand why your plants do what they do. 2. Best-practices that you can use right now to be proactive with the health and maintenance of your trees and shrubs. However, we also need to issue warnings about […]

Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

mulching on the side of concrete sidewalk

The weather is starting to warm up and do-it-yourselfers are getting ready to mulch, prune, and plant trees.  As the “Authority in Landscaping and Tree Health”, we wanted to provide useful information on not only creating but maintaining a happy, healthy and beautiful landscape.  Avoid Volcano Mulching Your trees require oxygen, water, sunlight, and nutrients […]

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Expanded for 2021: What Does That Mean? What’s Next?

spotted lanternfly quarantine

Franklin County is being added to the spotted lanternfly quarantine zone in 2021 as the invasive insect continues to spread across Pennsylvania. We asked Jamey Schwartz, CVTS-L’s plant health care manager, what this means for businesses and residents who are finding themselves in the quarantine zone for the first time. He also gave us an […]

Using a Growth Regulator for Attractive, Healthy and Manageable Trees

growth regulator

When you planted the tree – as a sapling – all those years ago, the yard was still mostly a blank canvas. In fact, when the tree was initially placed in the ground, it needed to be staked, and it somehow it made the yard look even more barren. Over the years, though, it grew […]