How Much Does Professional Tree Pruning Cost?

man climbing tree

When researching tree pruning services, it becomes clear that finding the right company and comparing costs can be complex. Various elements contribute to the overall estimate. Factors like the tree’s size, health, and specific pruning requirements are crucial. Engaging ISA Certified Arborists, such as the Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping (CVTS-L) team, ensures that […]

Importance of Winter Tree Health and Safety Assessments

Man hanging from Blue Lift in a tree

Importance of Assessing Tree Health and Safety As winter storms approach, diligent attention to the health and vitality of your trees is paramount. At Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping (CVTS-L), we emphasize the importance of in-depth tree health and safety assessments in preparation for these severe weather events. These consultations and tree risk assessments […]

How much does tree removal cost with a certified arborist?

man harnessed to a tree chain sawing tree in half

Understanding the cost of tree removal requires a comprehensive look at several influencing factors. The size and location of the tree, the complexity of the removal, and the equipment needed are just the tip of the iceberg. ISA Certified Arborists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each project, which ensures a high level […]

How Much Does Tree Stump Grinding Cost? Depth and Cleanup Considerations

Closeup of Old Tree Stump

Tree stump grinding is more than removing an unwanted stump; it’s about making informed decisions to shape your property’s future. The depth at which the stump is ground plays a pivotal role in this process. This decision isn’t just a matter of preference but is deeply connected to the intended use of the space. For […]

My Experience with The Authority in Tree Care

white company truck next to large pruned tree

Six years ago, my wife and I fell in love with a home we could settle in.  One of these reasons was because of three magnificent trees that beautifully accented the property. Moving from a townhome, the world of tree maintenance was new to us. We had no yard before and certainly, no trees to […]

Beyond the Estimate: Unearthing the Value Most Lower Bids Neglect

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The allure of a lower estimate from a tree service company can often overshadow key components that comprise a comprehensive service. This includes wide-ranging insurance coverage, seasoned experience, specialized equipment, robust safety training, and meticulous cleanup. Let’s unpack these aspects to give you a clearer understanding. The Assurance of Insurance Professionalism in the tree service […]

Cranes in Tree Care

white crane holding up tree branches

Written by Evan Brumfield – Maryland Tree Care Manager Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping has stepped up their game and created an even more cost effective, industry leading, and customer focused tree removal option with a brand new 2022 Peterbilt/Altec 38-ton capacity crane. The cranes provides the clearest benefit in the tree removal work […]

Why Trees?

Written by Jake Schrom – Senior Landscape Designer Trees surround our world. There are approximately 3 trillion trees on the planet. Trees can be messy from leaf and fruit drop. They grow and sometimes can get quite large. As a result, it takes a great deal of resources to care for and maintain them within […]

Aaron Feather discusses the importance of aerial rescue training in TCI Magazine

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In December, CVTS-L’s Safety and Training Director Aaron Feather published an article in TCI Magazine discussing the costs and benefits of including aerial rescue in a tree care company’s training regimen. The magazine is an industry trade journal, and the content of the article was written with industry professionals in mind. We felt, however, that […]

CVTS-L Ranks Among Top Tree Care Companies

Top Tree Care Companies

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, Chambersburg’s Authority in Tree Care, Plant Health Care and Landscaping services, was ranked among the Top 20 accredited tree care companies by the Tree Care Industry Association.