40 Years – Maintaining a Culture of Safety at CVTS-L

Man in red shirt and helmet talking about helmet training

When CVTS-L was founded by George Pogue Sr. in 1978, he already had more than 20 years of experience in the tree care industry. While a mentor helped George Sr. navigate the business and customer service side of things, George Pogue Jr. was taking it all in. Once the reins were handed over to him […]

Four Things to Consider When Accepting Bids for Tree Work

2 men hanging from tree

When people have tree problems or complaints, they often request bids from several companies to get a general idea of the costs and solutions. In these situations, the bid recipient – whether it is a homeowner, a landlord or a municipality – is often under a lot of pressure to automatically accept the lowest bid, […]

Tree Care and Property Lines Part 3: Being a Good Neighbor

Tree - Water

So far in this series, we have discussed matters of tree care using the language of legal and insurance professionals. At the end of the day, they establish the basic responsibilities of the involved parties – which neighbor is at fault and which neighbor has to pay. In real life, however, by the time a […]

Tree Care and Property Lines Part 2: Ground-to-Sky

Boundary - Tree

In Part 1, we discussed storm damage, which is one of the most common calls we get on the Tree Care side. We also introduced the concept of “ground-to-sky,” which means that as a homeowner, you own the airspace above your property as if the property line was an invisible wall extending straight up from […]

Tree Care and Property Lines Part 1: Crossing the Line

Tree - Tree removal

Several times per month, Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping gets the call to come out and assist with clearing storm damage. We have over 30 years of experience safely removing trees from houses, cars, fences and utility wires, and we take utmost care to preserve your property and respect property lines even when the […]

Tree Appraisals: The Value of a Tree

Man talking to reporters with large camera

At Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, our Arborists are often called out to people’s homes or other properties to perform Tree Appraisals to determine the value of a tree. While it is easy for people to appreciate the aesthetic and ecological value of a tree, it can be more difficult to perform tree appraisals to […]

So You Want to be an Arborist with Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping

Man standing on tree that just got cut

For many companies in our field, landscaping and tree care are considered summer jobs – you do it until something better comes along. But for our Arborists, it’s different. Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping is a third-generation, family-owned company, and it isn’t unheard of for our Arborists to stick around for 20 years (and […]

CVTS-L Overcomes Obstacles to Remove a Giant

5 men working on 80 foot tree

On Saturday, May 20, five tree care professionals and a crane operator worked for nearly 13 hours to remove an 80-foot-tall Silver Maple tree from a property in Harrisburg. The 80-foot tall tree with an 80-foot canopy spread was estimated to be about 125 years old, but it needed to be removed because it had […]