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Cranes in Tree Care

Written by Evan Brumfield – Maryland Tree Care Manager Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping has stepped up their game and created an even more cost effective, industry leading, and customer focused tree removal option with a brand new 2022 Peterbilt/Altec 38-ton capacity crane. The cranes provides the clearest benefit in the tree removal work …

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Why Trees?

Written by Jake Schrom – Senior Landscape Designer Trees surround our world. There are approximately 3 trillion trees on the planet. Trees can be messy from leaf and fruit drop. They grow and sometimes can get quite large. As a result, it takes a great deal of resources to care for and maintain them within …

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Beech Leaf Disease

Beech Leaf Disease

Written by Jamey Schwartz – Plant Health Care Manager There is a new disease to the North East that is causing mortality to beech trees. Beech Leaf Disease (BLD) originated in Ohio near Lake Erie in 2012 and has now spread to most counties in Pennsylvania. The disease is spread by root graft, rain splash, …

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Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly

Written by Jamey Schwartz- Plant Health Care Manager With Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) being present in our service area for several years now, we are gaining a better understanding on what client’s expectations should be. SLF adults feed on a wide variety of trees, but are particularly attracted to ailanthus “Tree-of-Heaven” and mapletrees. SLF’s lifecycle consists …

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‘Say Trees!’ – Introducing the Next Generation of Arborists to the Exciting World of Trees

The experience was another example of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping’s commitment to educating our community about trees. While it’s more common to find us teaching customers about the trees on their property or training our arborists how to perform their work safely and effectively, we will never turn down an opportunity to talk about trees with an eager audience.

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