Cranes in Tree Care

white crane holding up tree branches

Written by Evan Brumfield – Maryland Tree Care Manager

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping has stepped up their game and created an even more cost effective, industry leading, and customer focused tree removal option with a brand new 2022 Peterbilt/Altec 38-ton capacity crane. The cranes provides the clearest benefit in the tree removal work category, but don’t worry, tree removals aren’t the only area of service the new addition excels at; all of your hard-to-reach projects, construction, mechanical and landscape projects will benefit too! CVTSL is no stranger to using cranes on sensitive projects, but scheduling and coordinating with third party crane companies presents a constant challenge with maintaining the highest level of property care combined with competitive pricing. We are able to control both of those aspects by creating an in-house option for crane needs instead of relying on outsourcing.

ISA Certified Arborist Brad May is our current full time crane operator licensed in PA, WV, and MD providing coverage to the entire CVTSL service area. He brings several years of in-tree climbing experience to the operator’s seat and helps maintain a level of awareness and perception on a worksite unmatched by other third-party crane companies. The crane is becoming an integral part of the CVTSL family and as the crane continues to prove its place in the CVTSL workforce, you might just get to see it working on your property!