The CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Dragon’s Eye Pine

dragon's eye pine

Dragon’s Eye Pine

  • Ornamental evergreen tree
  • Banding of yellow and green in the needles resemble a dragon’s eye
  • Exfoliating bark
  • Grows in an irregular habit

From the tips of its needles to the bark on its trunk, every part of the Dragon’s Eye Pine is distinct. When viewed as a whole, the Dragon’s Eye Pine is a brilliant lime-green color, but when you take a closer look, the banding of green and yellow needles is said to resemble a dragon’s eye. Behind the needles, it has an exfoliating, flaky bark that can add a sense of texture to your landscape. As an ornamental evergreen, the Dragon’s Eye is an ideal focal point year-round, but especially in June and July when its new needles are coming in.

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