Curious as to when insects or diseases should be treated?

Stump Grinding Information Guide

Stump grinding is a process that requires planning at all stages, and, generally speaking, whenever problems do arise, it is often due to fundamental misunderstandings regarding the mechanics of the stump grinding process.

Recommended Watering Guidelines for New Plantings

Over watering can damage plants as much as under watering. Finding a moisture balance will assure better plant health. Please review our recommended watering guidelines to know how much and how frequently you need to water.

Watering Instruction for Newly Seeded and Sodded Lawns

Watering the new grass seed or sod is the single most important factor in having successful germination and establishment for your new lawn. Please follow these watering instructions or contact us for more information.

Looking for a Tree Care and Landscaping Company

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping employs ISA Certified Arborists, Licensed & Registered Tree Experts, Certified Horticulturists, and Licensed Pesticide Applicators who can deliver a full range of tree care and landscaping services for your property.

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