Landscape Designing

At CVTS-L, our landscape design process involves two key steps: an initial consultation to understand your vision and discuss project scope, followed by a second meeting to present a custom design and cost proposal. Upon agreement, payment for the design and project deposits secure your spot on our schedule, marking the start of transforming your outdoor space.

Spectacular outdoor spaces are the end result of meticulous planning. After your initial visit with one of our professional landscape designers, you can trust that we will be hard at work on a truly custom solution to transform your landscape dream into a reality. When you choose to partner with a landscape designer from our our team, it is our hope that this partnership will endure for many seasons to come! Here is what you can expect:

Initial Design Visit

Our designer will meet with you on site for a short consultation visit to gain a visual perspective of your property and to hear your ideas. Our designer will discuss the potential project(s) and scope of work with you. We will explain the cost of preparing a conceptual drawing and applicable design fee charges. Professional landscape firms charge for their design services. You are purchasing our time and expertise to ensure a stunning finished product.

Please note: Design fees are reimbursed at the time of final billing to those who also elect CVTS-L for the installation of their project. Design fee reimbursements are pro-rated relative to project designed versus project installed.

Second Design Visit

Our designer will contact you to schedule a time to meet where we will present the conceptual drawing, an invoice for the (previously discussed) design fee service, as well as, the proposed cost for the implementation of the project(s). This meeting may take place at one of our design studios or at your property. The design will be given to you at this meeting and CVTS-L no longer retains exclusive rights to your design. Payment for the design ensures that this design is now yours to keep. (Please note any additional changes and/or re-designs may incur additional design fees.) The cost proposal presented to you at this meeting will not only outline the scope of work to be performed but it will also detail when deposit(s) and final payments are due.

Scheduling for Landscape Work

The next step in the process is planning for the work to begin. To secure a spot on our schedule, our staff must receive the following from you:

  • Payment for the conceptual drawing/design
  • Applicable deposits
  • Signed cost proposal

Professional landscape firms require deposits on their projects as a mutual display of trust and commitment.

Cumberland Valley Tree Service - Landscaping is proud to provide our Landscape Design services in:

  • Adams County, PA

  • Cumberland County, PA

  • Dauphin County, PA

  • Franklin County, PA

  • York County, PA

  • Frederick County, MD

  • Washington County, MD

  • Berkley County, WV