Learning the Ropes

Written by Dave Poe – Adams County Branch Manager

During the 26 years I have been working for Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, I have been impressed with the support, encouragement, and importance the owners and management team have placed on the professional development of their employees. I have also been able to witness how continuing education and acquiring credentials have been a benefit to the company and the individual. Employees learn about new skills and products, learn the latest technological advancements, make new connections, and prove their commitment by seeking out these opportunities for growth.When employees feel their growth is supported, they are more likely to stay with the company. This has helped our reputation in being an employer of choice and attracting top talent and boosting company morale. It is a great investment for the company because this additional training encourages ways to improve productivity and safety, which in turn leads to increased profitability. Having more experts in our field is certainly beneficial to our clients as well.At CVTS-L, we are proud to have some of the most qualified and educated staff in our field. This is what allows us to be known as “The Authority in Tree Care and Landscaping.” With 20 ISA Certified Arborists (2 new this year), 11 Maryland Licensed Tree Experts (2 new this year), 10 Qualified Tree Risk Assessors, 5 Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals, 1 Board Master Certified Arborist, 12 PA licensed Pesticide Applicators, 3 WV pesticide applicators (new this year), and 4 PA Certified Horticulturists, you can be confident knowing that Cumberland Valley Tree Service and Landscaping can handle all of your tree care and landscape needs.