The CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Little Lime Hydrangea

flower bush

Little Lime Hydrangea

  • Deciduous shrub
  • Whitish green summer flowers that turn pinkish in fall
  • Sturdy stems great for flower cuttings
  • Smaller form of the popular Limelight Hydrangea

The hard truth is that not everyone has a green thumb. If you’ve struggled to keep plants alive in the past or if you’re just looking for a solid, low maintenance plant that looks great, then the Little Lime Hydrangea is a good way to go. With no real disease or insect issues, the Little Lime Hydrangea can pretty much go anywhere and do anything. Able to withstand direct sunlight, this shorter alternative to the venerable Limelight Hydrangea is a “bulletproof” summer flower. This title used to belong to Knockout Roses, but now even they are susceptible to Japanese Beetles. Officially, the Little Lime only flowers for a month or so, but the flowers remain on the tree all year so you can hold onto summer just a little bit longer.

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