I Love My Tree Because I Love Grandma’s Apple Pie

Fruit tree - Tree

Grandma’s Fruit Pies

Most people can relate to the sensational feeling that your taste buds experience when you’re eating your grandmother’s famous home-cooked meals. The fresh fruit from her tree outside allowed her desserts to be fresh, healthy and tasteful. Furthermore, the sweet, delightful smell of her mouthwatering pie brings joy to your eyes and warmth to your stomach.
Why not keep the tradition alive for your children and grandchildren by allowing the Horticulturists at Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping to plant a fruit tree for you? We can assist with appropriate tree selection, as well as, the selection of a suitable planting location.

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists and PA Certified Horticulturists are your local experts who you can trust to provide attention, professional pruning strategies and disease/pest control to ensure that your tree thrives and reaches its full potential.
This tree will be like none other on your property, because during and after full plant maturity, this tree will continually produce new fruit and new flowers! Adding to the beauty and outdoor elegance of your home for years to come. The eye-catching fruit that springs forth from its strong branches will taste even better in Grandma’s Fruit Pie Recipe!
Imagine sitting under this tree with your family and friends enjoying the shade, the fruit of your labor, the investment you’ve made, and the memories you’ve created with a nice warm slice of homemade pie!