My Experience with The Authority in Tree Care

white company truck next to large pruned tree

Six years ago, my wife and I fell in love with a home we could settle in.  One of these reasons was because of three magnificent trees that beautifully accented the property. Moving from a townhome, the world of tree maintenance was new to us. We had no yard before and certainly, no trees to care for.

It was during a tranquil evening, coffee in hand, when I saw our Weeping Cherry tree and realized I needed some help. Its wild growth had branches sprawling out towards the sky and others drooping lower than they should. My inspection journey didn’t end there. Our large Willow tree was reaching out to the nearby power lines and held within it some dead branches and overgrowth. But the true shocker was our Kwanzan Cherry, situated at a distant corner of our lot. Time and neglect had changed its shape dramatically.

Seeking expert help, I landed on the website for Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping (CVTS-L). I was promptly greeted by their professionalism when, after my online query, a certified arborist provided a comprehensive quote. Unsurprisingly, he even pointed out an oversight: my Arborvitae shrub had grown unwieldy. He suggested tying its stocks together and reducing its height for better resistance against storms. Given their expertise, I trusted their judgment and agreed.

What added to my confidence was the comprehensive documents they provided that went through what they recommended in full detail. Additionally, it detailed their insurance coverage and workers’ compensation for their employees. Such transparency put my mind at ease.

The communication was seamless. A call the week before the work ensured I was informed about their visit. On the day of the work, they arrived with unique mats, ensuring my lawn remained unscathed. Observing their methodical approach with the Willow tree, I returned to work, trusting I had left our trees in the best hands.

Returning home, it felt like a magic trick had taken place. The expertly pruned trees stood tall, but there was no sign of heavy machinery or significant work. My lawn was left in better shape than before their visit. Being swamped with back-to-school tasks for my kids, I had secretly hoped for zero post-work and CVTS-L to be delivered immaculately.

The praises I had read online about them were not just words. Experiencing their excellence firsthand was enlightening. There might be several tree care services, but my experience with CVTS-L was unparalleled. Their commitment to professionalism, safety, attention to detail, and ensuring a pristine cleanup exceeded my high expectations.

With tree care, you do have choices. But with Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, I made the best one. And I’m confident, should you choose them, you’ll echo my sentiments.