If You Can Only Do One Thing for Your Property This Season, Make It Outdoor Landscape Lighting

outdoor landscaping with lights and a firepit

Nothing transforms a landscape design as quickly and effectively as outdoor landscape lighting.

It’s a powerful tool in the landscape designer’s toolkit because it plays up your property’s strengths while downplaying any weaknesses (i.e., the areas you would rather people not see).

When deployed effectively, proper outdoor landscape lighting:

  • Guides visitors safely along walkways
  • Conceals less desirable elements (old shed, brush pile)
  • Contributes to the overall ambience and vibe
  • Creates Instagrammable moments
  • Manipulates sense of space to make property seem more spacious or more intimate

Whether you are starting a new landscape design project or enhancing an existing one, outdoor landscape lighting is an easy and practical investment in your outdoor space.

If you want to see your property in a whole new light, sometimes the easiest thing to do is change the lights.

Outdoor landscape lighting transforms your new or existing landscape design.

Proper lighting has the power to completely change the mood of your outdoor space, and it doesn’t require extensive digging, tearing out existing plants or waiting for new plants to “fill in.” If you are already mostly satisfied with your current landscape, good lighting can take it to the next level. If you are starting from scratch with an entirely fresh design, lighting is the perfect finishing touch.

Outdoor landscape lighting is a practical investment in your property.

Landscape Lighting Design looks great, but it also serves the very practical purpose of helping you and your guests navigate your property safely. It is a wayfinding tool that allows guests to avoid natural hazards such as roots, overgrown shrubs, low-hanging branches, animals and even ice. Proper lighting can also illuminate other landscape design elements such as steps, patios, swimming pools and transitions in walkways (changes in grade, materials, direction, etc.).

Remember that you want to see the landscape – not your lights.

One of the secrets of great Landscape Lighting Design is that you want people to compliment your property – not necessarily the lights themselves. Modern outdoor lighting can be deployed discretely to make sure that guests experience the entire landscape. For example, they can be concealed underneath caps on a wall or in the trees themselves. When they can’t be hidden – like when they’re along an exposed walkway – a tasteful light fixture ensures that people see where they are going (not what is showing them the way).

See your property in a whole new light.

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