Plant Healthcare Professionals

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping has qualified, trained professionals who can provide Plant Health Care Services to your treasured garden. Serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia for over 40 years!

Our Plant Health Care Professionals will identify, diagnose and treat problems that put your trees and shrubs at risk. When our professionals arrive on your property, we assess your plants and prescribe a plan of action that is based on current methodology. In addition to our many years of experience and professional certifications, we work with local agencies and research labs to aid in identifying and tracking potential problems across our service area; allowing us to choose the optimum time to treat for disease and pest problems. Plant Health Care requires a “Roots to Canopy” approach that takes into account every part of the plant including the soil around it.

Because our consultations are carried out by non-commissioned sales staff, you can be confident that the solutions we recommend will be based on solid research to meet your Plant Health Care needs without being upsold on unnecessary services.

Free Estimate

During a free estimate, a Plant Health Care Professional will visit your property to provide a quote for a presently or previously identified insect or disease treatment.

Diagnostic Visit / Consultation

A professional consultation is a chargeable diagnostic visit by a Plant Health Care Professional to identify, diagnose and prescribe a treatment plan for a vulnerable tree or shrub. A consultation includes identifying issues, taking samples and developing a treatment plan to preserve the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs. We work closely with Penn State University’s Research Laboratory to analyze plant and soil samples to develop effective, holistic approaches to maintain/improve your trees and shrubs. Here is a general overview of what you can expect when you contact us regarding Plant Health concerns:

  1. From the initial call, we will ask questions about the symptoms, appearance, species, location, and history of the tree or shrub in question.
  2. If a diagnostic visit is required, one of our Plant Health Care Professionals will call you to discuss the issue in further detail.
  3. During the follow-up call, the Plant Health Care Professional will discuss the cost associated with the onsite diagnostic visit up front so there are no surprises.
  4. After the client gives approval to the Plant Health Care Professional for the diagnostic charge, a site visit is formally scheduled.
  5. During the visit, the Plant Health Care Professional will perform a visual inspection. He/she will collect soil and leaf samples if needed, and if warranted will send them to a lab to be analyzed.
  6. Using the information gathered at the site and the results of the lab work, a diagnosis and a plan of action will be prescribed – including the cost to have CVTS-L perform the work.

Cumberland Valley Tree Service - Landscaping is proud to provide a full range of Plant Health Care services in:

  • Adams County, PA

  • Cumberland County, PA

  • Dauphin County, PA

  • Franklin County, PA

  • York County, PA

  • Frederick County, MD

  • Washington County, MD

  • Berkley County, WV