Polar Plunge Update: CVTS-L Raises More Than $1200 to Help Fight Children’s Cancer


The 2020 Mont Alto Personal Polar Plunge raised more then $8,000 this year to help fight children’s cancer and support impacted families. More than $1,200 of that total came from CVTS-L employees and friends. Thank you for helping us help them.

The managers of our Chambersburg, Carlisle, Gettysburg and Hagerstown offices each participated in the bucket challenge, and each office put a unique spin on it – bucket trucks, trees and even sitting in a bucket. We released the videos on our Facebook page on December 4, but you can watch them all right here.

Evan Brumfield (Hagerstown)

David Poe (Gettysburg)

Fred Schrom (Carlisle)

George Pogue (Chambersburg)


We’re taking the plunge! And this year, it’s personal!

Throughout the month of November, CVTS-L will be raising money to fight childhood cancer as part of the 2020 Mont Alto Personal Polar Plunge. Then, on December 4, we will post a video of our unique take on the bucket challenge (hint: it might involve one of our bucket trucks…).

In previous years, the Polar Plunge included a large group of people gathering in one place to dive into freezing cold water. Crowds are out for the foreseeable future, so the Franklin County Chapter of the Penn State Mont Alto Alumni Association and the Mont Alto Alumni Society have had to adapt their fundraising efforts by going virtual.

Instead of meeting at a single location to take the plunge, they are encouraging people to take the plunge wherever they are in the form of an ice bucket challenge. The videos will then be posted and shared online December 4-6.

Any change to an event of this scale can have major consequences, and if there’s one word that describes 2020, it’s “disruptive.” Cancer, however, hasn’t stopped, so we’re hoping that you can help us make 2020’s Polar Plunge the most successful one to date – not in spite of the changes, but because of them.

How you can help our Polar Plunge

You can sponsor us – and watch our Polar Plunge videos – here.

CVTS-L will be collecting donations right up through the challenge, which will take place on December 4-6.

You can also help us out by liking and sharing our posts and videos as much as possible. When you share, use the hashtags #forthekids and #ftk.

How the Polar Plunge money is used

The Polar Plunge is a local fundraising event that contributes to Penn State’s THON. Started in 1977, THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, and it raises money every year to contribute toward fighting childhood cancer.

THON hosts fundraising initiatives all year long, but their largest and most famous event is a 46-hour dance marathon. In fact, the name THON is short for “Panhellenic Dance Marathon.” According to their website, THON’s 16,500 volunteers have helped 4,000 families and have raised nearly 200 million dollars.

CVTS-L and Penn State Mont Alto

CVTS-L’s connection to Penn State Mont Alto began in 1985 when George Pogue Jr. officially became an employee of CVTS-L after receiving a degree in Forestry. George has since served on the Forest Technology Advisory Board, the Arboretum Committee and the Executive Committee of the Campus Advisory Board. In 2004, he was recognized at the Campus Centennial Celebration as a Distinguished Fellow on account of his outstanding contributions to his respective industry and local community after graduating from Penn State.

The relationship continues today through our employees, designs and philanthropy.


We estimate that approximately 20% of our employees are PSU grads – particularly the Mont Alto campus. Their Forest Technology program has produced many individuals who are now key contributors within the company, many of whom are part of our management team. George Pogue Jr. was recognized in 2004 at the Campus Centennial Celebration as a Distinguished Fellow on account of his outstanding contributions to his respective profession, career, industry and local community after graduating from Penn State. He has also served on the Forest Technology Board, The Arboretum Committee and the Executive Committee of the Campus Advisory Board.


Over the years, we have partnered with Penn State Mont Alto in various ways including tree care services and landscape/hardscape projects. Our senior landscape designer Jake Schrom designed the Debra Creager Memorial, which is located adjacent to the campus chapel. Additionally, Jake and landscape manager Brent Lucas created the conceptual design for the Arboretum expansion, which will be a substantial addition and enhancement to the campus when it is completed.


We also maintain a close relationship with Penn State Mont Alto through scholarship programs including the CVTS-L Open Doors Endowment Scholarship, which is designed to help those who are among the first in their families to attend college or who come from low-income or underrepresented populations, and contributions to the Penn State Mont Alto General Scholarship Fund.


Help us help children with cancer (and their families) by donating. If you are unable to give at this time, please feel free to share the page to help generate awareness.

And then from December 4-6, enjoy the videos of CVTS-L employees getting splashed with ice cold water. We’re are a big enough company that there pretty much has to be somebody you would be willing to pay to see get a bucket of ice water dumped on them – for a good cause, of course 😊.


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