Prepare Your Trees For Harsh Weather

Cabling & bracing - Tree


It can be hard for a homeowner to notice structural defects (ex: cracks in the trunk or branch structure) when the leaves are still on the tree. However, once the leaves fall off and you are out and about in your yard, you can begin to notice these problems. Winter is an excellent time to take care of them in order to prepare for the wet snow and ice accumulation on the limbs! Structural defects that are left uncorrected can actually increase the risk of tree failure during severe weather conditions. Cabling and bracing are two great ways to correct these problems and prepare your trees for the harsh winter weather that is bound to come.


What is it?

Cabling trees is the installation of galvanized steel support cables near the upper 1/3 of the tree’s canopy.

How are they installed?

These cables are installed from branch to branch to help reinforce and strengthen the upper canopy so the limbs don’t break and fall during wind, ice or snow storms.

Can you see the cables?

If installed properly, they are actually very difficult to see because of their placement well within the upper canopy of the tree. However, on a very sunny day, if you stand under the tree and look very closely, your local arborist can point them out to you and you will be able to catch a glimpse of the shimmering steel high in the canopy!



What is it?

Bracing trees is the installation of steel support rods in the lower 1/3 of the tree. This is nearer to the trunk, and more often within the trunk itself.

How are they installed?

The rods are placed in the lower trunk region of a tree when a tree has multiple leader stems or trunks to reinforce and improve the tree’s ability to move as a cohesive unit during storms. Rods can also be positioned within the trunk itself to anchor and fortify the trunk where a split or crack may have appeared.


How can cabling & bracing help your tree?

  • Improve the storm worthiness of tree canopies
  • Increase safety for people, utility wires and other surrounding structures


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