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The Insider’s Perspective: A Year of Growth in Plant Health Care

When Chris Clouser first joined the ranks of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, he was ripe with anticipation to delve deep into the intricacies of tree and shrub maintenance. Little did he know, it would be his time with the Plant Health Care division that would fundamentally change his outlook on the profession. Holistic

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The Remarkable Journey of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping

The story of Cumberland Valley Tree Service-Landscaping starts in a kitchen in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, back in 1978. George Pogue Jr., the company’s president and general manager, recalls starting as a brush dragger for his father at age 14. After earning his forestry degree, George returned to work full-time with his parents in 1985, bringing innovative

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My Experience with The Authority in Tree Care

Six years ago, my wife and I fell in love with a home we could settle in.  One of these reasons was because of three magnificent trees that beautifully accented the property. Moving from a townhome, the world of tree maintenance was new to us. We had no yard before and certainly, no trees to

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Beyond the Estimate: Unearthing the Value Most Lower Bids Neglect

The allure of a lower estimate from a tree service company can often overshadow key components that comprise a comprehensive service. This includes wide-ranging insurance coverage, seasoned experience, specialized equipment, robust safety training, and meticulous cleanup. Let’s unpack these aspects to give you a clearer understanding. The Assurance of Insurance Professionalism in the tree service

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Plant Health: Orange Striped Oakworm

Plant Health Care can be a complex matter. Our forests, yards, and streets are filled with a rich diversity of tree species, each with their own unique needs and potential threats. For the stately oak, a common adversary is the orange-striped oakworm. Though small, this caterpillar can significantly impact the health and vitality of oak

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Plant Health: Powdery Mildew

When you step outside to admire your landscape, it’s the vibrant greens, the striking blooms, and the well-groomed shrubs that ideally draw your eye. But what happens when these sights are marred by an unwelcome, powdery intruder? Powdery mildew, as this intruder is known, has the potential to alter the appearance and health of your

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