Responsible and Safe Application Methods

Written by Ben Stephey – Licensed Applicator

Pesticides are often thought to be “hazardous” or “harmful” to animals, humans, and the environment. However, when used by trained-certified professionals, these materials are very effective at suppressing plant damaging pests. We are fortunate to have these materials at our disposal for strategic use against these pests and pathogens. We have many tools in our toolbox of which pesticides are only one such tool.

Basal bark and soil injection of systemic fungicides and/or insecticides are growing in commercial use because they can be used in a variety of weather conditions due to their versatility. Foliar applications pose the greatest challenge when dealing with adverse weather conditions, trees in unique locations, or larger trees.Regardless of the application technique, the materials applied are always going to be the least toxic available and are often fruit and vegetable safe. We appreciate your loyal patronage as we continue to maintain the health of your valued landscape in a safe and responsible manner.