The CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Sangu Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple

reddish shrub

Sangu Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple

  • Newer stem growth turns pink/red, intensifies in winter months
  • Pale green leaves with some red in the margins
  • Yellow fall foliage
  • Deciduous tree

This smaller, ornamental deciduous tree produces attention-getting green leaves with red borders in the springtime and vibrant yellow fall foliage. And then, when other plants are turning brown and going into dormancy for winter, the Sangu Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple steals the show with its brilliant pink and red bark. Aside from some “structural pruning” in its early years, this tree is easy to maintain as long as it is planted in a suitable location. Perfect for people who appreciate bright colors all year long.

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Sangu Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple

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