‘Say Trees!’ – Introducing the Next Generation of Arborists to the Exciting World of Trees

man with little children talking about trees

Ben Stephey, ISA Certified Arborist and Plant Health Care Tech, spent some time visiting the Meadow Creek Pre-K class earlier this month.

The experience was another example of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping’s commitment to educating our community about trees. While it’s more common to find us teaching customers about the trees on their property or training our arborists how to perform their work safely and effectively, we will never turn down an opportunity to talk about trees with an eager audience. Especially when they might grow up to be the next generation of arborists.

During the visit, Stephey and the class discussed some of the benefits and uses of trees. Particularly, toys and furniture that the children would be familiar with.

“We also talked about the leaves changing color and what some of their favorite colors are,” said Stephey. “And then we talked about tree shapes and sizes.”

There was also an interactive component to his presentation.

“We had a little board there with some spruce trees and fir trees, some different fruits and magnolia flowers,” said Stephey. “It was a little station where they could look and touch and feel something that’s sharp or something that’s soft – the different textures of foliage and fruit.”

Sharing our love of trees with the next generation of arborists

When the school reached out to CVTS-L, Stephey, who has been with the company going on five years, answered the call.

“They had a lot of energy and had some decent questions,” said Stephey. “I think overall it was a win-win.”

It’s obviously too early to tell if there were any future arborists in the classroom, but everyone left with a better understanding and appreciation of trees and how they affect our lives.

At the end of the day, who is easier to teach: a classroom full of energetic preschoolers or fledgling arborists stepping onto their first job site?

“That’s a tough one, right?” said Stephey with a laugh. “The jury is still out on that one….”

What questions do you have about the trees and plants on your property?