Plant Health Care

At Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, our skilled and trained professionals are ready to deliver top-notch Plant Health Care Services. Serving South Central PA, MD, and WV for over 40 years!

Roots to Canopy

The investment you’ve made in your landscape is something worth protecting. A partnership with our plant health care team provides the insurance that what is going on both under the ground and overhead are appropriately monitored and controlled. The CVTSL staff will have your plants covered from roots to canopy, addressing environmental and biological issues as well as aesthetics.

Homeowners who are educated about their plants make informed choices when collaborating with CVTSL reps. Therefore, a primary focus for us is to provide clear and relevant information that enables the client to be an active partner in horticultural decisions. Our reps act as facilitators when recommending plant pruning for health, maintenance or aesthetics. We steer our clients toward holistic approaches to establish and sustain the health and vigor of their plants, recommending environmentally sensitive treatment strategies with chemical intervention as a last resort.  Let our staff work with you providing integrated treatments for long term, stable solutions enhancing your plants from “Roots to Canopy.”

Our “Roots to Canopy” strategies include:

  • Nutrient management and fertilization
  • Insect and disease diagnosis and management
  • Soil analysis and modification
  • Construction site tree preservation
  • Risk tree assessment
  • Root zone therapy and air-spading
  • Root collar inspections and excavations
  • Emerald ash borer and Hemlock wooly adelgid treatments
  • Tree growth regulators (reduces and controls size)

Curious as to when insects or diseases should be treated?

Plant Health Care is a holistic customer-driven approach to plant care focuses on the health, growth and beauty of plants and provides a wealth of information to facilitate informed decision making.

Monthly Inspections

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping strives to prevent the costly disease and insect problems of tomorrow through careful monitoring today. A PHC specialist recognizes that every property is different and that every plant offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. By exploring the landscape with you and understanding your goals, the PHC specialist develops an individualized program that meets the specific needs of your plants. PHC allows for one, some, or all of your valued plants to be monitored through frequent inspections throughout the growing season. These inspections enable us to address small plant health issues before they become unmanageable.

Enrollment in our “Green Solutions Plant Health Care Program” ensures that a PHC specialist is visiting your property during the growing season. A minimum of 7 site visits are scheduled for your property from April to October. Generally, visits will occur monthly; however, more frequent visits may be required in the Spring. 50 gallons of fertilizer are included in the program to be applied around the trees and shrubs as needed. Each site visit will include the scheduled treatments and a written report. “Key” plant inspections will occur as a part of each site visit. All plant material will not be inspected as a part of every visit. Included in the program are the first 2 insect/disease samples sent away to the diagnostic lab. Participants in the program will be contacted to request approval for any additionally recommended services. The “Green Solutions Plant Health Care Program” is plant focused, client oriented, and environmentally sensitive.

Cumberland Valley Tree Service - Landscaping is proud to provide a full range of Plant Health Care services in:

  • Adams County, PA

  • Cumberland County, PA

  • Dauphin County, PA

  • Franklin County, PA

  • York County, PA

  • Frederick County, MD

  • Washington County, MD

  • Berkley County, WV