Tree Care

The arborists here at Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping are trained and equipped to provide expert care of the trees and shrubs on your property, while maintaining strict adherence to the ANSI A300 tree care standards. You will have the confidence of knowing that our team will have your trees safely prepared to handle all types of stress. Your dollars will be well spent on professionally maintained trees, which are not only more attractive, but are safer, healthier and add value to your property.


We have all experienced the aesthetic beauty, the cooling shade, and the secluded privacy that well preserved trees bring to our backyards. These benefits require careful planning with an ISA Certified arborist to ensure that you will enjoy them well into the future. Preservation of your trees can take many forms. We can help reduce the stress that your trees may experience during construction, yard renovations, drought, Winter desiccation or as a result of severe storm damage.

Joey_rsTree preservation strategies include:

  • Pre-construction site analysis
  • Post-construction consultation
  • Specialty preservation pruning
  • Risk tree assessments
  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Fertilization
  • Lightning protection
  • Root zone therapy and air spading

Pruning and Removals

Perhaps you’ve noticed that tree outside your back door is getting too close to the house, or the privacy hedge in the back yard has grown into the utility wires, or maybe you want to expand the view from your French doors. Whatever goals you have in mind, Cumberland Valley Tree – Landscaping’s ISA Certified Arborists will be by your side to assist you. Our team will help you determine the appropriate pruning objectives and select the specific pruning methods to meet your goals. Our arborists will submit a written report outlining the necessary extent of pruning required.

Personalized pruning objectives may include pruning to:

  • Remove dead, diseased and/or broken branches
  • Provide vertical clearance
  • Decrease the height and/or spread of the canopy
  • Provide clearance from signs, structures and utilities
  • Provide structural improvements or corrections
  • Enhance the vista/view or a specific line of sight
  • Improve the aesthetics of the tree
  • Redevelop the form and appearance of severely pruned, vandalized or damaged trees
  • Reduce nuisances (i.e. birds) while enhancing the natural growth habit
  • Increase light penetration

There are situations when pruning is not enough and tree removal is the only solution. Our arborists are trained with the latest techniques to safely execute the removal of your tree. Stump grinding services are also available to prepare the site for a new planting by our landscape team.

We take utmost care to skillfully preserve your property while resolving the pressing needs of the moment. We have multiple aerial lift trucks, as well as access to numerous cranes when the situation demands. Many of the relationships with our clients have started with that simple phone call asking, “Can you help?”

Franklin County, PA

Chambersburg: (717) 263-8657
Greencastle: (717) 597-9700
Waynesboro: (717) 765-4624

Cumberland County, PA

Carlisle: (717) 249-8443
Camp Hill: (717) 761-0204

Maryland Locations

Frederick County: (301) 663-0061
Washington County: (301) 714-0130

Additional PA Locations

Adams County: (717) 337-9128
Dauphin County: (717) 545-1005

West Virginia Locations

Berkeley Springs: (304) 913-3126

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