How Much Does Tree Stump Grinding Cost? Depth and Cleanup Considerations

Closeup of Old Tree Stump

Tree stump grinding is more than removing an unwanted stump; it’s about making informed decisions to shape your property’s future. The depth at which the stump is ground plays a pivotal role in this process. This decision isn’t just a matter of preference but is deeply connected to the intended use of the space. For […]

What is a “Low Maintenance Landscape”

Written by Brent Lucas – Landscape Manager The “low maintenance landscape” is a request that we receive frequently. There are many considerations when designing a low maintenance landscape for a client. Our approach to the design process has always been very systematic and begins with a comprehensive discussion with our client as to what they […]

Winter is Coming: Winterizing Your Trees, Plants and Landscapes in Fall

Spring gets a lot of attention when it comes to tree care, landscaping and the health of our plants, but there are also critical steps that should be taken during the fall and winter months when “winterizing” your property. These actions will ensure the strength and integrity of your trees against winter’s wind, snow and […]

Adding a Raingarden: An Appealing and Practical Solution to Excess Water

A raingarden is a creative way to turn excess water on your property into a visually appealing landscape design that can filtrate pollutants and attract butterflies and wildlife. Whether the wet spots are caused by: Excessive rainfall (the past few years have been some of the wettest on record in our region), Low points and […]

New Homeowner Guide Part 3: New Home, Inherited Responsibilities

old rustic shed

Inherited or otherwise acquired properties with existing landscaping can be a mixed blessing. In the best-case scenario, the property may have previously been well-maintained. In the worst-case scenario, it may have been neglected. Either way, you are now responsible for maintaining (or salvaging) an existing landscaping project. And, for the sake of this example (acknowledging […]

New Homeowner Guide Part 2: Custom Home, Legacy Trees

custom cabin with large trees

You found the perfect lot of land to build your dream home. You didn’t choose it in spite of the trees that were there, but because of them. You recognize that these trees have value – value that can’t be replaced by new trees; value that needs to be protected and maintained. If the existing […]

New Homeowner Guide Part 1: New Home, New Opportunity

home with mulch in front

The home buying process can be an overwhelming experience. Decisions made today can have ramifications for years, decades and possibly even generations down the road. At the same time, you’ve likely spent the months leading up to move-in day thinking about all of the changes you are going to make to your newly acquired property. […]

CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine

Pine Needles

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine Specimen evergreen shrub Irregular growth habit Long, stiff needles Dark green foliage If you plant ten different Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine shrubs, you will end up with ten very different shrubs. Unique and individualistic, the Thunderhead’s shape will be determined by a number of variables including sun exposure and branch development. It’s […]