Landscaping on the Edge: Green Walls, Privacy Screens and Natural Alternatives to Fences

Conifers - Vegetation

A perfect landscaping project is one that combines both form and function. In terms of aesthetics, landscaping projects provide gorgeous social media-ready before-and-after pictures that are easily shareable (be sure follow us on Facebook and Instagram!). However, when we are discussing a potential project with a client, we begin by exploring how they imagine themselves […]

Tree Care and Property Lines Part 3: Being a Good Neighbor

Tree - Water

So far in this series, we have discussed matters of tree care using the language of legal and insurance professionals. At the end of the day, they establish the basic responsibilities of the involved parties – which neighbor is at fault and which neighbor has to pay. In real life, however, by the time a […]

Tree Care and Property Lines Part 2: Ground-to-Sky

Boundary - Tree

In Part 1, we discussed storm damage, which is one of the most common calls we get on the Tree Care side. We also introduced the concept of “ground-to-sky,” which means that as a homeowner, you own the airspace above your property as if the property line was an invisible wall extending straight up from […]