The Insider’s Perspective: A Year of Growth in Plant Health Care

man spraying liquid on bushes

When Chris Clouser first joined the ranks of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, he was ripe with anticipation to delve deep into the intricacies of tree and shrub maintenance. Little did he know, it would be his time with the Plant Health Care division that would fundamentally change his outlook on the profession.

Holistic Care: Beyond the Surface

Chris soon realized that premiere service to a client is not just the mechanics of swiftly removing or pruning trees. Blending knowledge as an ISA Certified Arborist and Pennsylvania State Licensed Applicator provided a holistic understanding of plant health. Take, for example, the practical concern of avoiding chemical sprays drifting into a client’s swimming pool—a problem deftly avoided by opting for alternative treatments like soil injections.

Nuances that Matter

Chris’s experience in Plant Health Care also impressed upon him the importance of attention to detail. Whether it was determining the most efficient daily routes or pinpointing the exact location of each tree for treatment, he understood that every saved minute counts—especially when servicing upwards of 17 clients a day.

Comprehensive Care is King

Perhaps one of the most vital lessons was the necessity for comprehensive solutions. In Chris’s eyes, it became inexcusable to treat a Hemlock for Woolly Adelgid while ignoring other existing issues like Elongate Scale and Spider Mites. With a wealth of resources available, anything less than a complete solution was deemed unacceptable.

More Than Just a Service

Chris came to understand that the job was about more than professional expertise. Clients often have an emotional attachment to their landscapes. Offering not just services but also empathy and attentiveness proved essential to establishing lasting client relationships.

Speaking with Authority

Equipped with specialized knowledge in Plant Health Care, Chris found himself well-prepared to answer any questions from clients. This went beyond resolving immediate concerns to proactively identifying potential issues, a skill that greatly enhanced his confidence in client interactions.

Offering Value-added Options

Frequently, he discovered that Plant Health Care offered more cost-effective solutions compared to more drastic measures like tree removal. This allowed clients to make more informed decisions about the best ways to invest in their landscapes.

Setting a Higher Standard

Ultimately, Chris believes that strong emphasis on Plant Health Care not only adds a valuable skill set to his professional toolkit but also sets Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping apart from competitors. It sends a clear message: they are not just in the business of cutting down trees; they are in the business of understanding, nurturing, and preserving them.

In sum, a year immersed in Plant Health Care transformed Chris Clouser from a competent arborist into a well-rounded team member with additional knowledge in Plant Health Care. In his eyes, removing a tree might be a straightforward task, but understanding the complete landscape ecosystem takes the service to the next level.