CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine

Pine Needles

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine

  • Specimen evergreen shrub
  • Irregular growth habit
  • Long, stiff needles
  • Dark green foliage

If you plant ten different Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine shrubs, you will end up with ten very different shrubs. Unique and individualistic, the Thunderhead’s shape will be determined by a number of variables including sun exposure and branch development. It’s needles are longer and stiffer than typical evergreens. It needs space to do its thing, so it shouldn’t be planted, say, between a sidewalk and a house, and it will be the focal point of any plant bed that can hold it, so it is not typically recommended for functional purposes like the Green Giant Arborvitae. Google Image searches are notoriously misleading on account of the infinite formations of the Thunderhead.

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