CVTS-L Ranks Among Top Tree Care Companies

Top Tree Care Companies

CHAMBERSBURG – Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, Chambersburg’s Authority in Tree Care, Plant Health Care and Landscaping services, was ranked among the Top 20 accredited tree care companies by the Tree Care Industry Association

Established in 1938 as the National Arborist Association, the TCIA has grown into a trade association of more than 2,300 tree care firms and affiliated companies. 

CVTS-L has served a territory that includes parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia for more than 40 years, and has been an accredited member of the TCIA for more than two decades. 

TCIA explained in its statement that they created the list after considering a variety of data and analytics including auditor visits, workers’ comp modifications and overall commitment to safety. 

Check out TCIA’s full statement here.

According to the statement, which is attributed to Susan DiPietro, a writer for “Tree Care Industry Magazine,” companies on the list “epitomize a culture of commitment and reinforce TCIA’s values of safety and professionalism.”

“Safety and professionalism are, of course, their own rewards,” said George Pogue Jr., owner of Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping, “but it is definitely an accomplishment to be recognized by an organization that holds its members to such high standards. We look forward to continuing to grow with the TCIA and advocating alongside them to drive the sorts of innovations in tree care that keep arborists safe and customers happy.”

“When everyone strives to implement and live up to the TCIA’s high standards, it pushes the entire industry forward. Everybody wins.”

– George Pogue Jr.

Top Companies Attract Top Talent, Never Stop Learning

In the announcement, Peter Gerstenberger, TCIA Senior Vice President for Industry Expertise, spoke of the “palpable difference when you visit a high-performing company. Specifically, how it affects their talent acquisition and hiring practices, which is one of the most competitive challenges facing the tree care industry.

He said: “The best companies attract the best people, which is especially significant in today’s labor market.”

Bob Rouse, TCIA Senior Vice President, Programs & Services, rounded out the announcement by highlighting the diversity of the companies that had appeared on this year’s list. 

He also stressed that these companies were recognized in large part due to their commitment to continuing their own education and sharing that education with other organizations. 

“This 2022 list of top performers, featuring companies of varied backgrounds,” said Rouse, “exemplifies how the Accreditation program is designed to both recognize companies that are performing at the highest level and help new and small companies improve their operations.”

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping and the Tree Care Industry Association 

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping has demonstrated its commitment to education and safety in numerous ways over the years. 

A few recent examples include: 

– publishing articles in “Tree Care Industry Magazine”

– receiving TCIA’s “Outstanding Company Contribution to Safety Award

– highlighting TCIA’s efforts to increase opportunities for women in tree care

– having a Board Certified Master Arborist on staff

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