Does The Tree Care Company You’ve Hired Carry Worker’s Compensation And Why Should That Matter?

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“Cultivating, Preserving and Protecting…..”

These words are taken straight from our company mission statement. What do these words mean to you, our valued customers? Well, we are NOT changing the way we do business; however we are hoping to change the way people within our industry do business and that begins with you!!! In today’s market place, property owners need to do their homework prior to contracting service with a tree care or landscape company.  There are several important factors to consider above and beyond which company gave you the lowest bid. Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping does not only strive to provide excellent service to its clients, but to ensure that the service provided holds value. One aspect of value that is often overlooked when purchasing a service for your property is researching whether or not the contractor that you have hired is truly, fully insured!

Did you know that in the state of Pennsylvania, tree service companies are required to be registered contractors?  However, the state only requires registered contractors to provide proof of minimum general liability insurance coverage.  General liability insurance will insure compensation for damage to the property; but only if the minimum coverage is adequate.

What happens when the contractor is injured on the job?  Who is going to be responsible when an employee is hurt while performing a service; such as tree pruning, which is consistently rated as one of the most dangerous professions in the country?  The state of Pennsylvania does legally require that all qualified employers provide Worker’s Compensation insurance for their staff, which is the ONLY insurance that will cover medical and loss of wage expenses after an accident.  Due to the high expense of Worker’s Compensation insurance, many companies tempt fate by not purchasing it. (Four out of five local tree care companies do not purchase worker’s compensation insurance.) Common law has set precedence that the homeowner becomes the responsible party for covering the medical and loss of wage expenses for the injured employee.  These expenses are not generally covered by homeowners insurance. Therefore, homeowners for their protection should request a proof of insurance by asking for an insurance certificate from the potential contractor prior to the start of the project.

We have achieved national accreditation through the Tree Care Industry Association.  Accreditation is a credential available only to those tree care companies who meet/exceed every aspect of our industry’s professional standards.  We can provide for you at any time, for any project, not only proof of General Liability insurance, but also proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance.  Our certificate clearly displays the coverage period, the amount of coverage not only for your property, but for our employees and our vehicles. CVTSL will continue to provide excellence in service, staffing, education and value extending well beyond the quoted price!