The CVTS-L Landscaping Plant Guide: Tricolor Beech

Tricolor Beech

Tricolor Beech

  • Deciduous tree
  • Purple and pink variegated leaves
  • Foliage is most vibrant and dramatic in spring with its new growth
  • Orange/Copper fall leaf color

This attention-getter is in its full glory during April and May when its purple and pink variegated leaves are coming out. The new leaves of the Tricolor Beech are bright and vibrant, and they turn an orange/copper in the fall. The only downside to this tree is that it fails to distinguish itself in the dry summer months. Fans of the Tricolor Beech will tell you that if you can make it through the summer, it will be worth it in the springtime when it erupts with color. It prefers to be the center of attention, and is at its best as a stand-alone focal point.

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