Should I Get my Trees Trimmed?

Man holding onto tree branches

Trees create a beautiful atmosphere outside of any home. Having trees allows opportunities for lounging in the shade, a place to build a tree house, and much more. As important as trees can be to your property, taking care of them is an even more important step in maintaining their health and your property.
Trees are meant to grow big and tall, however, if your trees are too tall, wide or low and they’re getting in the power wires, it may be time to prune your trees. It’s not necessarily a good idea to wait until you notice these things to take action because trees should be trimmed or pruned on a regular basis.
The most important thing that comes with pruning or trimming your trees is deciding the best, most effective way that will not harm them. Pruning trees requires that arborists selectively remove certain branches to prevent any harm. Here’s a few pruning techniques that will keep your trees healthy and looking good:

1)    Crown Raising pruning

Crown Raising pruning consists of elevating branch level from the ground to your desired height. This pruning method can also allow for growth stimulation in a younger tree’s canopy. Crown Elevation is not required for regular tree maintenance, but it is often done to allow better access for vehicles on a driveway, or someone who is walking under it with a lawn mower, etc. It can also help better the line of sight if branches are in the way of a view.

2)    Crown Cleaning pruning

Crown Cleaning pruning consists of removing dead, dying, or diseased limbs. The primary focus of this pruning method is to prevent the spread of further decay, disease and/or for safety precautions. Crown cleaning allows for a better movement of air through the tree and allows the tree to receive more nutrients to grow bigger and stronger.

3)    Crown Reduction pruning

Crown Reduction pruning is a better alternative to tree topping. It consists of proper pruning cuts to a significant lateral limb. This method of pruning is done to reduce the height of a tree due to certain circumstances, as a safety precaution or to reduce the weight of the branches, aiding in the tree’s ability to withstand damage from high winds.

4)    Crown Restoration pruning

Reshaping a tree that has been damaged by a storm, vandalized, or improperly pruned to a more natural form is crown restoration.
These tree pruning methods can be a vital part of outdoor maintenance. It is important to take proper care of your trees. Not only for safety, but also for their health and aesthetics – to help highlight its features and make for a beautiful yard. Always demand that an ISA Certified Arborist perform these services for your trees!