So You Want to be an Arborist with Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping

Man standing on tree that just got cut

For many companies in our field, landscaping and tree care are considered summer jobs – you do it until something better comes along. But for our Arborists, it’s different.

Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping is a third-generation, family-owned company, and it isn’t unheard of for our Arborists to stick around for 20 years (and counting!). Some of the saplings they installed when they were starting out are reaching maturity today.

We look for true Arborists – people who dedicate their lives to studying and learning about trees. It goes without saying that our Tree Care Specialists like trees, but even the people answering the phones learn enough to help you determine what’s best for your property. We estimate that approximately 75% of our employees studied a related field in college.

We chose them because they wanted to be experts in their field. They chose us because we are career-oriented and promote professionalism.

Arborists who succeed at Cumberland Valley Tree Service – Landscaping generally share these three qualities:

1. A love of trees.

An Arborist is someone who is passionate about trees in all of the phases of their lives – from sapling through maturity. Put simply: they love trees. Trees are where they spend their time. They climb them. They sleep in them. Whenever prunings and cleanings need to be done, they do it in ways that are respectful to the health of the trees.

2. A love of being outdoors.

Spending a lot of time in trees requires a lot of climbing, and climbing requires a certain level of fitness. Muscles can be developed, but the people who become Arborists have a personal drive to live and work in the open air. But if the only requirement was hating offices, then we’d all be Arborists. People who last in tree care are often the same people who don’t hesitate to invest their own time and money into quality equipment for their outdoor hobbies.

3. A love of heights.

Sometimes arborists find themselves 80, 90 or 100 feet in the air with only a carabiner and a rope. People with a background in roofing might have an idea of the dizzying heights and weather conditions that arborists work in. The discipline and focus required to work safely in those situations is immense and certainly not for everyone.

This isn’t a complete list, but you get the idea. And, there are always exceptions to these guidelines. Some people don’t discover their love of trees until they’re installing their first sapling – or when they get their first breathtaking view of the Cumberland Valley from 90 feet in the air.

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