What a Year

The impact of the unusual weather patterns of last year are highly evident as we venture outdoors early this season to look at our trees and shrubs. From a record breaking wet spring in 2011, to a crazy hail storm and tornado in May, onward to a July and August drought, coupled with a wet fall and remnants of a hurricane, add in a Halloween snow storm and a mild winter; to say the least, the area’s plants have seen it all! These extremes in our climate can really cause a lot of additional stress not only to us, but to our trees and shrubs.

As you walk about your property this spring, you may want to consider taking a look around with one of our many ISA Certified Arborists. What better way to determine if what you are looking at is a potential hazard that should be eliminated or if some simple TLC and maintenance would do the fix.

Call our office for the advice and peace of mind that only a Professional ISA Certified Arborist can bring.